Golden Nugget: Chet Atkins on Nashville Now



Lately, I've received literally thousands of emails asking me about the absence of my "Golden Nugget" series. I'm happy to let you know that as long as there's YouTube, the nuggets will be alive and well, and since it's been a while I've decided today would be a good day to post one. Earlier this afternoon I went with friends for a wholesome drug-free trip to Checkers on West End for milkshakes. While parked I was given a citation for expired license plate tags.

Dejected, I returned to work, finished the last of my now $13 shake--$68 if I forget to pay on time, which I most likely will--and sank back into my desk chair as the blood drained from my head and post-lunch lethargy began to take hold. It was at that time that I stumbled across this video--date unknown--of Chet Atkins and Al Anderson (NRBQ) playing on Nashville Now--as hosted by Carlene Carter. The soothing sounds of Atkins' fluid guitar pickin' are the perfect background music to accompany a lazy hot Friday such as today. Hopefully, you'll agree, perhaps so much so that next time you see me you'll thank me for introducing these 2:50 of bliss into your lives. Enjoy!

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