Video Round-Up: The Jesus Lizard Being Evil and Sonic Youth at War



* Reliably awesome YouTube user tinycorkscrew has posted several videos of The Jesus Lizard's performance at Exit/In the other night. You know, the performance that everyone's already saying "Jesus Lizard in the summer of '09, now that was a fuckin' show!" about. User jwurth also has some vids from a great vantage point, though they mostly aren't full songs. But between the two of them, they documented a sizable chunk of the set, and for that we thank them.

* My candidate for best YouTube user name ever, whatfuckingever444, has uploaded some footage of Sonic Youth at War Memorial that's pretty damn pristine. My favorite is "White Cross." Whatfuckingever also has some footage from the Torche/Harvey Milk show in Memphis.

Still looking for some clips of Jay Reatard as well as Stamey & Holsapple. As Adam Gold just mentioned from his cubicle, all the solid shows over the past week or so have made "Nashville briefly feel like a first-rate city." Harsh, Gold. After all, Grungestock is right around the corner. Sick.

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