Heartless Bastards Play Exit/In Aug. 18


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Ohio rockers Heartless Bastards come to Nashville to play Exit/In Tuesday, Aug. 18. Maybe you did, maybe you didn't catch the band at Bonnaroo this year, like Maloney did. Maybe you caught them last time they came through town.

No matter what your experience with the band (or lack therof), this time around, you're likely to hear a bunch of cuts off their latest, The Mountain, which came out on Fat Possum Records this year and is a nice slab of straight-up, kinda bloozy bar rock mixed with a shoegazery sensibility (as in big walls of guitar noise and such).

Hey, how about a song? Here's the title and opening track off that album:

Tickets, we are told, go on sale this Friday, but I can't find a buy link at the moment and here's the link.


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