Roy Orbison, K'Naan, Holly Golightly and More: Inside This Week's Music Section


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Monumental: Roy Orbison's Nashville Recordings. "With the 20th anniversary of Orbison's death on Dec. 6, and with the recent release of a career-defining box set, Roy Orbison: The Soul of Rock and Roll, it's an apt time to reflect on how several of pop music's most timeless and artful songs unexpectedly emerged from a small Nashville recording studio on 17th Avenue." --Michael McCall

Gettin' High for Jesus: Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs Whoop It up American Style. (Playing Wednesday, 10th at The End.)

Making 50 Cent Look Like Limp Bizkit: K'Naan Was Raised on Rhyme. (Playing Sunday, 7th at Mercy Lounge w/Matisyahu.)

The Spin: The Duke Spirit, Lone Official, Altered Statesman & more.

Critics' Picks on Forget Cassettes, Bill Monroe Appreciation Night, MC 24/7, David Anderson & more.


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