Lil Wayne & Kid Rock: CMA WTF



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Some people on the internet webs seem to find it really outrageous that Lil Wayne appeared on the CMA Awards last night. (He "played guitar" with Kid Rock for that awful, awful song, the name of which I will not even mention.) Because Kid Rock is such a pillar of all that is good and pure about country music, right?

According to Baller Status, Weezy "made history," though it's the kind of history I'm guessing a lot of country fans were not hoping for:

Lil Wayne may be the first real rapper to appear at the CMAs in its 42-year-history. In 2004, Cowboy Troy—who calls his style of rap "hick-hop"—performed, but he doesn't count.

Interestingly, the CMT blog has nothing this morning about Lil Wayne, but plenty about Kellie Pickler's "dominatrix" outfit.

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