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And you know yewknee is psyched. So are we:

After everyone from record store clerks to The New York Times fawned over their 2006 orchestral folk masterpiece Yellow House, Brooklyn quartet Grizzly Bear—once little more than an East Coast phenomenon, shopped hand-to-hand among the underground's unsung elite—quickly turned heads nationwide. But just three years ago, when the band was touring behind their debut Horn of Plenty and made a last-minute Nashville appearance at The 5 Spot, the gig attracted only a few stray walk-ins. "We had booked it ourselves, a very small show with all, basically, random people that chanced upon it," says Edward Droste, one of Grizzly Bear's co-founders. "It was in the early days of MySpace where we told a few people in the Nashville area to come, but it was very haphazard. I don't know that there's any documentation online of the fact that we even played there."

Who's going this time?

(Incidentally, the yewknee link has the new song "Two Weeks," perfomed on Letterman, that is referred to in the Scene feature. GB play Mercy Lounge, 9 p.m., with David Vandervelde opening.)


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