The Magic Number: Three Reasons to See Jonathan Richman Tonight (And Tomorrow)


Playing Wednesday, 27th and Thursday, 28th at The 5 Spot. 1. He's been called the godfather of punk. 2. He's a Modern Lover. 3. His two shows here last year were criminally underattended. From our Critics' Picks: Back in Your Life JONATHAN RICHMAN Back in the late ’70s, hard-rockers regarded Richman as a loon who backed off the VU-approved proto-punk of “Pablo Picasso” and “She Cracked” to sing twee little odes to rockin’ leprechauns and rockin’ shoppin’ centers and such. Today, their unguarded, mischievous, the-world-is-full-of-wonders goofiness sounds like a design for living—a model for how to grow up and grow old without growing jaded. Had Lou Reed pursued an entire career of “I’m Sticking With You,” he might have ended up with Richman’s winning, gently under-amped brand of rock. But it’s safe to say there’s no way in a million years he’d have written the line, “Abominable snowman in the market.... Looks like a dirty marshmallow with fangs,” or sung it with such full-hearted glee. JoJo plays two nights: let him know—to borrow a Richman line that sounds more urgent with each passing year—that he’s important in your life. And if he’s not, he should be. Feb. 27-28 at The 5 Spot —JIM RIDLEY

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