Grimey's Bi-Annual Outdoor Bash



Hey folks, in the print edition of this week's Scene, Grimey's Bi-Annual Outdoor Bash is incorrectly listed as happening today (Thursday, 27th). It is in fact happening on Saturday, the 29th. Here's the lineup:

12:30 DJ B (DJ)
12:45 Glossary
1:15 DJ TBA
1:30 Bobby Bare Jr
2:00 JT (DJ)
2:15 Sons of Roswell
2:45 Slim Goodie (DJ)
3:00 Those Darlins
3:30 Danny Keyes (Daniel Tashian)
3:45 Black Swans
4:15 D-Funk (DJ)
4:30 The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker
5:00 Geezus (DJ)
5:15 The Howlies
5:45 Emily (DJ)
6:00 Turncoats
6:30 Bawston Sean (DJ)

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