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A Feb. 8 New York Times story breaks this news: that Nashville marketing executive Evette White spent more than $10,000 on a mattress. It was a king-size Hypnos, the kind favored by the royal family. “If you are really looking to splurge,” the story begins, “how about an ultraluxurious mattress?” Not only did the 38-year-old White pick up a Hypnos mattress for herself, but she purchased them for her children too. ♦ Vanderbilt Chancellor Gordon Gee, in an e-mail to the entire student body on Valentine’s Day: “The day does not ask us to have the most passionate romance ever. All that is suggested is to do everything we do on this holiday out of kindness, and nothing less. The day is a great one for being with people you care about.” On the mushy scale, Gee soars. We don’t recall former Chancellor Joe B. ever embracing Hallmark holidays this way. ♦ Speaking of soaring, a man whose political star is rising: Harold Ford Jr. The soccer moms go wild. ♦ Nobody has called to say they’ve seen Lance Armstrong. But has anyone seen The Happy Walking Man recently? Call 244-7989, ext. 445, to report sightings.

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