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Vetiver w/Scout Niblett & Caitlin Rose at Exit/In

Freak Folks


Thanks to collaborations with Joanna Newsom and flagship freak-folk frontman and frequent fashionista Devendra Banhart, Vetiver are often grouped with the aforementioned psychedelic-folk resurgence — which is interchangeable with the term “naturalismo” for those who shun the bearded, bead-wearing, Christlike facade that seems to accompany modern use of the word “freak.” And sure, Vetiver have the jangly, freewheeling, indie-folk instrumentation and collaborative bullpen to fit in with that set. But they proved their worth and their range on last year’s Sub Pop release Tight Knit, from expansive, introspective folk ballads like “Rolling Sea” to funk-imbued soul numbers like “Another Reason to Go” and the undeniable “More of This.” The latter is about the furthest they get from their typically comfortingly mellow, lush approach, but it also features captivating, Bolan-esque melodic bravado and one of the better tambourine parts you’re likely to hear these days. Scout Niblett — that’s the English indie songstress who seems to continually fetch comparisons to Cat Power’s early material — will open, along with local favorite Caitlin Rose.
Fri., March 5, 9 p.m., 2010

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