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Two Fresh at 12th & Porter

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A while back, a buddy of local electro outfit Two Fresh dropped buy our music blog, Nashville Cream, to scold us and our readers for sleeping on the pair in that way that only obnoxious, anonymous Internet users can. While we stand by our belief that trolling is no way to win a crowd, upon further consideration and a thorough listen to their debut album Bakers Dozen, we're willing to forgive that buddy of theirs. We understand why he was so excited. Dozen dives deep into the spacey, electronic end of contemporary hip-hop and journeys across the astral plane, propelled by lush atmospherics, strong melodies and a big-bottomed boom-bap with just enough weirdness to keep the listener from drifting too far afield. Two Fresh have been touring nonstop in support of Baker's Dozen, including hauls with Pretty lights and The Disco Biscuits’ upcoming Camp Bisco festival, so catch 'em while they're home.
Fri., April 2, 7 p.m., 2010

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