TN EDM: Hardcore Till I Die feat. Hixxsy

When: Fri., Sept. 28, 6 p.m. 2012

As crusty old ravers, we’re a little torn. On the one hand, we want electronic dance music to be big and popular and make everybody lots of money. But on the other hand, we prefer the down-low, vaguely clandestine noncommercial side of the scene way more. Not to get all “When we were your age,” but when we were first cutting our teeth, the idea of corporate-sponsored mega-raves on public property was unthinkable. Hell, you couldn’t even put the address on the flier for fear the cops would show up and beat you to a bloody JNCO-pulp. Also, our haircuts weren’t nearly as silly. That said, we’re a little bummed out that this will be the last Tennessee EDM event — they’ve been keeping the underground vibrant for the last few years and are one of the last bastions of true underground dance music. But at least they’re going out on a high note — Hixxsy was a hardcore-techno legend when we were little rave nuggets.

Sean L. Maloney

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