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Timeless Trumps Trendy: A Picture Story

Nashville Style

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Yves Saint Laurent said,

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we celebrate Nashville’s enduring sense of style on this retrospective journey


Vintage 1940s eggshell blue halter dress, Closet Case Vintage.
Vintage mustard heels, OMG (Old Made Good).
Vintage earrings, thrifted/stylist’s own.
Vintage J. Crew hat, Goodbuy Girls.



Vintage 1960s black-and-white flower maxi dress, Local Honey.
Durango white cowboy boots, Goodbuy Girls.
Earrings, necklace and head scarf, thrifted/stylist’s own.



Vintage 1980s jumpsuit, OMG (Old Made Good).
Woven belt and vintage gray flats, Closet Case Vintage.
Cuff and ring, OMG (Old Made Good).
Earrings, thrifted/stylist’s own.


Present Day

Tunic and leggings, Valentine Valentine.
Necklace, OMG (Old Made Good).
Bag, Emil Erwin.
Shoes, model’s own.

Credits: Model: Esseri Holmes
Art director: Elizabeth Jones
Photographer: Michael W. Bunch
Hair and makeup: Betsy Briggs Cathcart, Studio BBC
Stylist: Abby White
Assistant: Heather Hauser

Where We Shopped: Closet Case Vintage,
Emil Erwin,
Goodbuy Girls,
Local Honey,
Old Made Good,
Valentine Valentine,

Special thanks to Cheryl Patton for the shoot location.


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