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The South Won’t Rise Again


Not unlike their Nashville counterparts Paper Rival, with whom they shared the stage at Next Big Nashville earlier this year, Athens, Ga., five-piece Dead Confederate represent a handful of bands below the Mason-Dixon making efforts to dig Southern rock out of its tired blues roots. Adopting as much from West Coast ’90s post-grunge as D.C. post-hardcore, their debut Wrecking Ball captures both the unkempt stylings of early indie-rock and mainstream pursuit of angst-ridden radio rock. Beyond that, though, Dead Confederate revel in psychedelic gloom for singer Hardy Morris' pleading, graveled vocals and their sonic instrumentation that too quickly turns power-chord thrusts into lofty codas. Prone to trading one hook for another with each chord change, Dead Confederate may not rise above their influences, but they do offer a welcome shift in tone from the dominant sway of traditional rock on the South.
Sat., Nov. 29, 7 p.m., 2008

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