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The Sex Issue 2013


The roses are nodding, the cards are in recycling, and you've nibbled all the candy and tossed those disgusting fruit creams. With Valentine's Day receding in the rearview mirror, you're craving something now that burns calories rather than adds them. Whatsoever could fill your heart-shaped box? Excuse us while we put on a little Etta James, light a few candles (preferably not the cupcake-scented variety), and turn back the covers on our Sex Issue.

Granted, we haven't entirely left the sweets behind — we're looking at you, "sugar babies"; but we've found inspiration for whatever rustles your boudoir curtain. A Tupperware party of LGBT-friendly sex toys? A spacious down-home dungeon full of nifty accessories, right here in Music City? You'll whimper for more. One brave correspondent supplies rules for fishing in East Nashville's limited singles pool, while another tells why being a sex columnist's ongoing subject isn't the roundelay of high-fives you might expect.

My, that Cold Duck isn't getting any colder. So relax, slip into something more comfortable, and snuggle up close while the hot tub disinfects. You can leave your hat on ... for now.

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