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The People Issue 2011

No matter how deeply entrenched our Nashville roots, we are continually surprised at the acquaintances we still make when out and about: Those fresh-faced twentysomethings next to us at Fido? They're heading up a new charter school. That 80-year-old great-grandmother with the sweet smile? She's the den mother at one of Nashville's most popular gay bars. The guy lugging around camera equipment? He rowed from here to New Orleans in a canoe. Oh, and that famous actress you just spied ordering coffee — one of the top female faces in film the world over — she happens to be really down-to-earth.

True, we may never answer all the hows and whys of what draws folks to Nashville or keeps them here, but the more we ask, the clearer the picture becomes. To sharpen your focus, turn the page for a round of introductions to a brand-new slew of intriguing residents for our third annual People Issue. Some of them are newcomers, others have been here for decades, but they all tell the kind of stories that hook us in and keep us hooked, and in the process, remind us why we call Music City home.

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