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The People Issue 2010

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One thing you'll never find a shortage of in Nashville: someone with a story. Maybe it's how they got here, maybe it's what they did once they arrived. Maybe it's the reason they decided never to leave. In this issue — our second annual People Issue — you'll meet people whose stories will make you lean a little closer and listen. We found a professor who'd risked life and limb to embed overseas, a country singer-turned-baker, an overnight sensation and a guy who can fix damn near anything. In between, we uncovered experts, characters, and movers and shakers we'd heard about but never met (or stumbled upon without realizing it). Together, their stories form a road map to a city you can spend a lifetime getting to know. Whether you've been here six months or six decades, let us introduce you.

The People Issue 2010

Ke$ha - The Pop Sensation
Bobby John Henry - The Baker of Music Row
Chris Scruggs - The Duke of Music City
Brent Stewart, James Clauer, Michael Carter, Ryan Zacarias, Brooke Bernard - The Gang of Five
Beth Gilmore - The Southern Belle
Ed Amatrudo - The Foreclosure King
Katherine Carroll - The Battlefield Professor
Jared Miller - The Philanthropist
Sarah Chrosniak - The DJ
Max & Ben Goldberg - The Dynamic Duo
Kasar Abdulla - The Advocate
Nashville's Dead - The ‘Dead’ Beat Kids
Charlie Southgate - The Music City MacGyver
Nick Raskulinecz - The Producer
Bob O'Dell - The Star Salesman
Kent Marcus - The Rock Rainmaker
Ted Swindley - The Director
Zeneba Bowers - The Violinist
Chris Johnson - The Big Dog
Jeff Yarbro & Sen. Douglas Henry - The Opponents


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