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The People Issue 2009


A city is only as distinctive as its citizens. In this issue, the Scene celebrates some of the people who give Music City its character—who they are, what they do, and how they shape the place we live. They are musicians, politicians, performers. They are athletes, bakers, teachers. Some are known the world over; some may live a few blocks away from you, but have never made your acquaintance. All are worth getting to know. Consider this issue an introduction.

Our special thanks to the Scene's yeoman photographer, Eric England, a man who practically defines the city in many ways, some actually printable. But that's a story for next year.

Taylor Swift - The Music City Star
Jack Spencer - The Artist
Yuri Cunza - The Connector
Reggie Whittemore - The Most Valuable Player
Gerry House - The Morning Man
Tiffany Minton and Lauren Gilbert - The Honky-tonk Angels
Shawn Whitsell - The Triple Threat
Eric Powell and Rambo Sambo - The Power Couple
Mignon and A.E. Fran├žois - The Sweet Spot
Morgan Levy and Christy Frink - The Webspinners
Jen-Jen Lin - The Teacher
Shea Weber - The Contender
Hide Watanabe - The Wasabi Cowboy
Greg Hinote - The Right Hand of the City
Shiva Karimy - The Burger Queen
Matt Riddlehoover - The Provocateur
Dean Shortland - The Corner Man
The Savarino's Sandwich Gang
Warren Pash - The Dude Who Wrote That Song

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