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The man behind the YASNI


For Jonathan Belcher, the winning YASNI entry he submitted this year was sweet revenge after a year of watching the local and national news in dismay. "Obviously, over the past year I've been really keeping up with the Obama bucks and Obama waffles, all the stuff with the GOP," says Belcher, a disability-claims examiner who maintains a blog called "Imagine Title Here" at "It was more aggravating and appalling than funny at the time."

He's learning to laugh, though—especially after winning the YASNI contest the very first year he decided to enter. A longtime Nashville resident who moved here from Atlanta with his family at age 7, he says he'd been meaning to enter for several years. Of his winning entry, he says he didn't experience any "Eureka!" moment when it came to him: "It just sort of popped out." We congratulate Belcher on popping out a winner.

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