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The List: Suggested new names for the Southern Baptist Convention


A few weeks ago, the Southern Baptist Convention caused a media stir after reports that the Nashville-headquartered religious group was mulling a name change — a shift to something a little less region-specific, as the world's largest Baptist denomination seeks new members.

Then, as abruptly as the headlines flared, they stopped — leaving folks to wonder if the SBC had bowed to the higher power of brand recognition, or simply stalled in their search. In case it's the latter, we offer a few suggestions to get the rock, er, ball rolling:

Bath and Beyond


Eastern-Western Baptists

Water-Based Worship-Related Content

... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Megachurches

We're Good, We're Nationwide

Future Backsliders of America

Guns N' Romans


Starbucks of Bethlehem

North American Baptists Institute Corporation (NABISCO)

The God Squad

Ark, Aid, Fire

Richard Land's End

Dunk and Go Nuts

Knights in Stryper's Army

X Men

Undamned Yankees


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