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The joys of stalking deer from Tanya Tucker's old hunting lodge, for just $2.7 mil

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Headline Homes doesn't get out to Humphreys County much.

Not to say Waverly, New Johnsonville and McEwen aren't charming, but hauling out to the river? Heck, it's not just past Bellevue — it's way out there beyond Ashland City.

But like the hardy mariners of yore, we sail off the edge of the world, past our proverbial Pillars of Hercules (in our case, Newsom's Mill) to find our top home of the month: a massive game preserve that once belonged to Tanya Tucker.

But she's not the only female country star of the early '90s on this month's tour — the No. 2 home was paid for, in part, by royalties from a moderate Lorrie Morgan hit of 1992.

Thankfully, after our top spot, the other nine homes on the list were safely within Davidson and Williamson counties; Headline Homes is adventurous, but it's not crazy.

As always, what follows is the top 10 single-family homes sold in September in Davidson and surrounding (and, in one case, not-so-surrounding) counties, ranked by price:

1. 201 Crowder Lane, McEwen, 37101
Buyers: Charles E. and Susan H. Cooke
Sell price: $2,715,900
Sellers: John M. and Julia Lynn Rutledge
Sellers' and buyers' agent: Dan McEwen, McEwen Group

Humphreys County makes its first ever appearance on Headline Homes and does so with flair, leaping into the top spot with this 3,340-square-foot hunting lodge. Now, a 3,340-square-foot hunting lodge on its own is hardly worth $2.7 million — even if it was once owned by Tanya Tucker. No, the real appeal here is the 1,723-acre game preserve surrounding it. Creeks and hardwood forest roll across the land, which has had years of "intense" wildlife management, resulting in "huge deer like few others."

Buyer Charles Cooke is a principal with Nashville's Cooke & Grace Properties, a development firm.

Former RegionalCare Hospital Partners COO John Rutledge is the seller.

2. 1007 Highland Road, Brentwood, 37027
Buyers: Bruce McGaw and Angela Faith Kaset
Sell price: $2.55 million
Seller: Lisa Palmer
Sellers' and buyers' agent: Jane Hunter Hicks, Bob Parks Realty

Another secluded home comes in second, albeit a little closer to the city than McEwen. This 6,522-square-foot home sits atop a hill at the center of 20 acres just minutes from Brentwood proper. The property is gated and offers "beautiful views" from its 1,492-square-foot deck (yes, you read that correctly). The master bath has both indoor and outdoor showers, and the home includes a recording-studio-slash-theater-slash-extra-bedroom.

Buyer Angela Kaset is a songwriter, best known for the 1992 Lorrie Morgan hit "Something in Red."

3. 519 Belle Meade Blvd., Belle Meade, 37205
Buyer: FHL Trust, Bryan Howard, trustee
Sell price: $1,921,538
Sellers: Kathryn Olson and John Wesley Rakow III
Sellers' agent: Steve G. Fridrich, Fridrich & Clark Realty
Buyer's agent: Lois Holt, Fridrich & Clark Realty

Built in 1927, this Belle Meade classic was once the home of Judge Gil Merrit Jr., who sold to the Rakows in 2006 for $2.25 million. The 7,500-square-foot home and 1,000-square-foot guest house back up to Parmer Park. The home has "large rooms for entertaining and beautiful hardwood floors," befitting its age and location.

The oddly specific price seems unusual, though perhaps the Rakows were simply looking to retire the debt they owed.

4. 1201 Waterstone Blvd., Franklin, 37069
Buyers: Kevin R. Gaither and Autumn R. Ayres
Sell price: $1.825 million
Sellers: Gregory and Sheila Breetz
Sellers' agent: Nancy Torrans, Zeitlin & Co. Realtors
Buyer's agent: Janelle Waggener, Prudential Woodmont Realty

Sitting on two acres, this 8,965 square-footer has six bedrooms and seven fireplaces. It is a former Parade of Homes house with a two-story foyer with grand staircase and a two-story "grand room" (which must be better than a great room) with a full-service bar (bartender not included, presumably).

5. 39 Governors Way, Brentwood, 37027
Buyers: Philip A. and Vicki D. Gray
Sell price: $1.816 million
Sellers: Janice W. Edge
Sellers' agent: Martin Warren, Fridrich & Clark
Buyers' agent: Pat Patterson, Zeitlin & Co.

This home's listing says it is "in the neighborhood of perfection," though technically, it's in the Governors Club, perched next to the 16th fairway on 1.57 acres.

It is "imposing and stately" and has 7,636 square feet, which does not include 1,630 square feet of unfinished attic.

6. 287 Jones Parkway, Brentwood, 37027
Buyers: Joseph C. and Michelle D. Greene
Sell price: $1.8 million
Seller: DI-TN No. 2 LLC
Seller's agent: Jack S. Miller, Parks
Buyers' agent: Gaius Hill, Christian Realty

Three years ago, this home just missed out on Headline Homes when it sold for a flat million. DI-TN bought it, along with three other luxury spec homes and three empty lots — all in high-end Williamson County subdivisions — for a total of more than $6.2 million.

The properties were facing foreclosure and DI-TN — which shares a mailing address with several enterprises associated with the Knight and Doss families of Fort Worth, Texas, who have extensive real estate and banking holdings — scooped them up.

This one sells at a profit three years later in a much more upwardly mobile real estate environment.

7. 9281 Exton Lane, Brentwood, 37027
Buyers: Robert G. and Beverly A. Knapp
Sell price: $1,704,516
Seller: Hidden Valley Homes LLC
Seller's agents: Susan Gregory and Lisa Culp Taylor, Bob Parks Realty
Buyers' agents: Trudy Byrd and Rita Starling Puryear, Fridrich & Clark

This 8,500-square-footer — our monthly visit to Annandale — was completed earlier this summer. It has an open floor plan, a theater room and something called a "keeping room," an anachronistic name for what it is better known as a "family room," so long as the family room is off the kitchen.

8. 9562 Hampton Reserve Drive, Brentwood, 37027
Buyer: Jaywood Revocable Trust, James Swafford, trustee
Sell price: $1.574 million
Sellers: Keith H. and Kirsten Leimbach
Sellers' agent: Andy Beasley, Brentview Realty Company
Buyer's agents: Garrett Beasley, Brentview Realty Company

Talk about layers of secrecy: James Swafford is a trustee for the Jaywood Trust, which includes Zeisler, Zeisler, Rawson and Johnson, a business management firm for entertainers and athletes.

Whoever Swafford and Jaywood and Zeisler Rawson are representing picked up this 6-year-old home with 8,300 square feet.

9. 501 Jackson Blvd., Belle Meade, 37205
Buyers: J. Michael Gould and Theresa A. Dyer
Sell price: $1.55 million
Sellers: Benjamin L. and Jamie A. Rechter
Sellers' agent: Richard B. French, French King Fine Properties
Buyers' agent: Keri Kidd Cannon, Fridrich & Clark

Sitting on nearly two-and-a-half acres, this traditional brick Belle Meade one-story says "baths are an opportunity." Is that advice? Some kind of Zen koan? Weird business advice? Or a clever way of saying that the bathrooms — there are three-and-a-half of them — are in need of improvement?

Buyer Gould is an architect.

Seller Benjamin Rechter is the president at the Rogers Group.

10. 234 Fourth Ave. S., Franklin, 37064
Buyers: Gerard F. and Donna M. Boyle
Sell price: $1.54 million
Sellers: Eric W. and Rachel P. George
Sellers' and buyers' agent: Sarah A. Kilgore, Pilkerton Realtors

Built in 1920 near Franklin's historic downtown, this 13-room home has 4,232 square feet.

Jerry Boyle is the president and CEO of Correct Care Solutions, a company providing health care service to jails and prisons.


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