The John Hartford Stringband

When: Fri., June 18, 9 p.m. 2010

Tribute albums are easy to make, but hard to make well: too often the artists involved are no closer than arm’s length to the album’s subject, however well intentioned. But Memories Of John (Compass Records) is something else. Produced by guitarist Chris Sharp, it features pretty much the band Hartford used in his last years of performance, abetted by a nicely selected group of guests as they ramble through some of John’s favorites and a couple of laid-back memoirs. Even without its salutes and the memories provoked, it’s one of the year’s most charming releases, with fine contributions from Tim O’Brien, Alison Brown, Bela Fleck and more. Touring schedules being what they are, not all of them will be at the show. But some will, among them ace singer Alan O’Bryant, along with guests such as Canadian fiddler and big-time Hartford fan April Verch — making this a fine way to give John another sendoff.

Jon Weisberger

Price: $12

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