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The Innovations Issue 2013


As the largest word on this page suggests, the Scene's fifth annual Innovations Issue takes a good look at some notable Nashville-born advances in everything from military vehicle design to robotic therapists. But it's not all about gadgets and tech. Along the way, we examine: the mayor's brand-new Office of Innovation and its two self-described "government geek" stewards; a program to help improve sleep and alertness for operators of very, very heavy machinery; a unique partnership designed to improve and diversify advanced science education; a student-designed car seat that alerts the driver if a child is still strapped in; a motorized ESL classroom on wheels; a think tank for higher education on the Internet; and what is probably the only Music City event set to feature both a drink-mixing droid and the guy who's building a full-scale Millennium Falcon in his backyard. All that, and we get updates from a few innovators featured in issues past, including the spelunking chemist and the drone-flying archaeologist, to name but two. The future ain't what it used to be, but we like it that way. Check it out ...

The Office of Innovation

ESL to Go Truck

The Bridge Program

Mini-Maker Faire

Institute for Digital Learning

NAO, the Therapist Robot

KidSense Car Seat

Institute for Software Integrated Systems

Ingram Barge Pilot program

Innovation Update

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