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The haps of Bonnaroo's Comedy Tent

Grand LOL Party


Bonnaroo's comedy tent is air conditioned, but the limited, first-come-first-served seating means you have to queue up in zero shade (hours) before a particular set: The tent is more a haven for comedy superfans than an excuse to get out of the sun. Happily, a lot of comics will perform two, sometimes three sets over the long weekend, so it would behoove you to go ahead and pick a few favorites and stake your place in line right now.

Total mainstream breakout Maria Bamford has two back-to-back sets on Thursday evening, with Kyle Dunnigan and Cristela Alonzo. Expect Bamford to deliver material that is personal, painful and hilarious.

Friend and fellow Scene scribe Sean L. Maloney specifically asked me to mention Michael Che, "by far the funniest young comedian I've seen come through [Nashville venue] The High Watt." I verified via YouTube: quite funny. Che has sets on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. When Bonnaroo comedians are in it for the long haul, you know they're One of Us.

Daniel Tosh, the inexplicably successful version of that creepy dick who was still cracking up about fat chicks well into high school, is also there. Feel free to check him out of you're cool with being That Guy. Rape jokes, brah!

Traditional alt-comedy is also represented this weekend with David Cross (who has officially transitioned into the "elder statesman" category of comics) and the Comedy Bang! Bang! crew of Scott Aukerman (another Mr. Show alumnus, in fact) and Reggie Watts.

Even though it's been almost 20 fucking years, it apparently still needs to be said that Bob Saget is not Danny Tanner. All of those sweet Full House and How I Met Your Mother dollars have allowed Saget to be, like, transcendently vulgar in his stand-up. He's performing with Jared Logan and the intriguingly named Improvised Shakespeare Company. —AS


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