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The Farmers' Market dims the lights for a Friday-night mixer of food and fun

Night Moves



While we never miss an opportunity to savor our food, rarely are we afforded the opportunity to savor its acquisition. We offer a hearty high-five to whatever brilliant mind at the Nashville Farmers' Market came up with the idea of combining grocery shopping, music and adult beverages into a Night Market – truly a stroke of genius. This Friday night's incarnation — their second such event — isn't a radical departure from a typical day at the market. There are many of the same vendors we see every Saturday in the farm shed and with the same great food we've come to expect, but there's something about the ambiance after the sun goes down that makes it seem like a whole different place. Add the wine for sipping from the cash bar, Fleur de Lis spiking their signature snowballs and the plethora of samples from our favorite vendors, and it really seals the deal. We've got our fingers crossed that this becomes a regular thing once spring comes around. (Psst: Marketing director Jolie Yockey says if this week's night session is well-attended, the merchants might be persuaded to make this an annual event.)

Think of it as the Art Crawl for our burgeoning food scene: a relaxed environment where our sometimes-splintered local food culture can come together to just chill out — a pretty big deal considering the get-in-get-out-gimme-your-coupons grocery experience we've come to expect from the chains. Be honest, have you ever had a nice chat with one of those supermarket checkout scanners? Those things are pretty dumb, even for robots. Compare that to this Friday's edition, where recipes are circulated, vendors stand by to take pre-orders for the holidays and Hill and Hollow are on hand to teach a crash-course in DIY shiitake mushrooms. Plus, there's always a good chance you'll find yourself in the midst of more than one informative, educational dialog before the night is through. A cash bar is good for that sort of thing.


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