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The Chord at RCKTWN

Guy, Gunface and Everyone We Know


Even with the most extreme and brutal metal bands, there’s often at least some small olive branch offered to those for whom “extreme” and “brutal” aren’t exciting buzzwords, be that a melodic guitar line or a particular groovy breakdown. Admittedly, some of these olive branches are barely twigs, but you’re lucky to get even that from Massachusetts death-metal/grindcore unit The Red Chord. Their latest, Fed Through the Teeth Machine, proves that, after five full-length releases of this madness, they aren’t making any concessions just yet. Tempos shift and jar as vocalist Guy Kozowyk jumps from shrieks to guttural growls to just, you know, talking. And Mike “Gunface” McKenzie’s hyper-technical guitar lines provide even less comfort, never sticking to a single riff long enough to dig in, mostly contented to churn out a convoluted assault of screech, squeal and chug.
Sun., March 7, 6 p.m., 2010

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