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The Bridgestone 10x10 Festival of Short Plays at Troutt Theatre

Festival of Shorts


Always striving to maintain its rep as Music City's premiere source for alternative approaches to theater, People's Branch Theatre also has a strong track record for giving birth to original plays, especially those written by creative locals. Since its founding in 2000, PBT has produced scripts by familiar Music City artists including Matthew Carlton, David Alford and Jeremy Childs, to name but a few. PBT's next major effort will be artistic director Ross Brooks' own new work Three Gods Walk into a Bar... (Apr. 16-25), but in the meantime the company is hosting this celebration of the playwright's art, with staged readings of 10 short plays crafted by Nashville talent. The performance end is being handled by a mixed bag of pro-level and community, university and high school actors, and the assortment of comedies and dramas will be evaluated by a panel featuring Brooks, Nashville Shakespeare Festival's Denice Hicks and Amun-Ra Theatre's Jeff Obafemi Carr. Audience members will also get a chance to throw in their two cents.
Thu., March 5; Fri., March 6; Sat., March 7, 2009

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