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The 2012 Rock ā€™nā€™ Roll Poll


Compiled by Adam Gold and D. Patrick Rodgers

For our annual Rock 'n' Roll Poll, we once again dialed up a select group of Nashville's finest rockers, rollers, bloggers, bookers and rappers, and asked them what got their attention — good and bad — in the local scene this year.

Which local artist/band ruled Nashville in 2012?

JEFF the Brotherhood. –Doyle Davis, Chris Cobb, Marcus & Colvin, Caitlin Rose, Ben Todd, Tristen

When you're driving through New York City and you see your friend's (JEFF the Brotherhood) album artwork on a giant billboard montage that includes an image of Madonna, I'd say that qualifies as ruling the roost. –Tiffany Minton

If national exposure is the metric, the only correct answer is JEFF the Brotherhood. –Tony Youngblood

William Tyler. –Chris Davis

Those Cherub boys ruled the world like little druggy kings. –Brandon Jazz

Cherub. –Andrew Mischke

Big year for Natural Child, JEFF (again) and probably others. PUJOL did me proud. Turbo Fruits worked their asses off. –Jeremy Ferguson

Natural Child — they played about 700 dates and started spreading their name coast to coast. Hard, hard-working stoners. Give good interview to boot. –Seth Riddle

Turbo Fruits. –Jesse Baker

PUJOL and that hard-workin', fine piece Jonas and his fine-ass Fruits. And William Tyler. –Coco Hames

Ranch Ghost. –Adam Moult

Ponychase. –Chris Scruggs

Sparkle City DJs. –Ben Swank

What's that guy's name ... Jack something? –Courtney Jaye

Derek Hoke. –William Tyler

Magnolia Sons, Heath Haynes. –Todd Sherwood

The Little Chirping Men. –Chris Crofton

Which local artist/band is going to rule in 2013?

Natalie Prass. –Jordan Kelley

Ranch Ghost from coast to coast. –Ben Todd

It's hard to decide who I want to rule more: Tipper Whore or Fancytramp. –Tiffany Minton

Alanna Royale is off to a really great start; she is awesome, has a clue and a fucking plan! Also, Promised Land show a lot of promise. And Sturgill Simpson. –Mike Grimes

Promised Land. –Coco Hames, Chris Davis

I think Promised Land is destined for good things when the drummer outgrows his moody teenager phase. –Ben Swank

D. Watusi; I'm very excited. –Daniel Pujol

Can I say Cherub again? Otherwise, it's a tie between Natural Child and Five Knives. –Andrew Mischke

I expect big things from Echo Group, Tropical Punk, Ponychase, Forget Cassettes and Roy Ira. I'd love to see a new album from The GoldRoom, Casa Castile and James Wallace in 2013, but I'm mostly just holding my breath for Hotpipes to return. –Michael Eades

Great albums coming from D. Watusi, Hotpipes, Forget Cassettes, Tristen, Bad Cop, Cortney Tidwell, OGG. It's going to be a close one. –Jeremy Ferguson

Well, without being too straightforward, PUSH is. We all got great albums lined up, and I see this being the Year of PUSH. Quality x quantity. –Ducko Mcfli

Turbo Fruits. –Chris Cobb

Luella and the Sun. –Doyle Davis

Mockingbird Sun. –Jason Huber

Mikky Ekko, The Weeks. –Marcus & Colvin

I'm a little biased here, but I think The Weeks are going to have an exciting year. –Seth Riddle

Rayna Jaymes is going to make a huge comeback this year. She is working with Liam McGuinnis. –Tristen

Tristen. –Caitlin Rose

Fly Golden Eagle, The Sufis, Caitlin Rose. –Tony Youngblood

I don't know; they probably haven't moved here from Australia or L.A. yet. –Chris Scruggs

Blood Volcano. –Chris Crofton

I think this year either Useless Eaters or Natural Child is really going to kill it. –Adam Moult

Natural Child. Can't stop, won't stop. –Jesse Baker

I predict Night Beds and Leagues will take over the world next year. –Courtney Jaye

The Lonely H. –Todd Sherwood

Joseph Plunkett's JP5. –William Tyler

Hanzelle is about to put out a record that will blow your mind. –Brandon Jazz

What was your favorite discovery this year?

Luella and the Sun — I hadn't heard anything by them yet when they played their in-store at Grimey's to launch their debut 10-inch single. I'd had several people tell me they were great, and I knew the folks involved from previous endeavors, but whoa. –Doyle Davis

Vegetarianism. –Ben Todd

The all-ages dance show on Cable Access Channel 19 called Music City Shake Down. It's Nashville's answer to Solid Gold. It's wholesome, campy and hilarious! –Tiffany Minton

Magnolia Sons. –Andrew Mischke

Alanna Royale and Sturgill Simpson. –Mike Grimes

K&S World Market. –Tristen

A second Quichenight record and the Ponychase songs Doni recorded. –Daniel Pujol

J. Forrest, hands down. Dude is refreshing, got a dope sound, original and stands by his morals. –Ducko Mcfli

The burger and tots lunch special at Twin Kegs. –Chris Cobb

Clear Plastic Masks. Recent Brooklyn transplants, with a great live show, who make killer apple pie. –Seth Riddle

Promised Land and Clear Plastic Masks. –Marcus & Colvin

Promised Land. –Jesse Baker

Night Beds! They are awesome. – Jordan Kelley

Colorfeels, Nightbeds. –Jason Huber

Night Beds. Winston Yellen is a genius. His upcoming 2013 album Country Sleep is absolutely gorgeous. –Courtney Jaye

I'm still wrapping my brain around the goodness from Nahnee Bori, Roy Ira, Meadownoise,  Echo Group, Ponychase, Tropical Punk, All Them Witches, Mystery Twins, Poly, Jota Ese and Get Better. –Michael Eades

Jazz dance. –Caitlin Rose

The Stone Fox! –Chris Scruggs

Poetry Sucks! –Coco Hames

Mumford and Sons. Not the band — the tree service in Madison. –Chris Crofton

My Studer 16 track, my Flickinger replica Limiter, Holographic Levitation Naps, Sonic Sleeves. –Jeremy Ferguson

That I can write a clause into contracts that requires Diarrhea Planet to play "Ghost With a Boner" at every High Watt show or else I don't have to pay them. Power! –Brandon Jazz

Chance Martin's 1981 LP In Search. –William Tyler

The Sufis. And the fact that Dave Cloud has a Wikipedia page. –Tony Youngblood

Ranch Ghost, Kinship. –Todd Sherwood

Death Waltz Records. Great soundtrack reissues in sick packaging. –Ben Swank

The banh mi at Mitchell Deli, or Talk Box Recording Studio. –Adam Moult

Best/worst band breakup of the year?

Worst: Hans Condor. –Coco Hames

Deacon Claibourne and Rayna Jaymes for sho. They were a powerhouse duo of acoustic wet dreams. –Tristen

Does the SoundLand debacle count? Is debacle too harsh? Regardless, it's sad and I hope it returns triumphantly. –Michael Eades

Gotta be The Civil Wars. So far so fast and then done? –Doyle Davis

Um, given the sudden nature of the split — I'm guessing the Civil Wars waged a war with one another, and it didn't end so civilly? –Courtney Jaye

I refuse to answer The Civil Wars. –Chris Scruggs

Well, now that LMFAO has gone on indefinite hiatus, there's some room on the pop charts for more hackneyed pastiche in 2013. That's good news, right? –Tiffany Minton

Worst: Unknown Hinson. –Chris Cobb

LazerSnake. –Andrew Mischke

The Coolin' System. –Mike Grimes

Square People. This was one of the most original bands in Nashville, and I'm sad to see them go. Luckily, the members all have other projects in the works. –Tony Youngblood

Though not technically a breakup, I really miss seeing Reid Magette. –Jesse Baker

Jonny Corndawg breaking up with his moniker in favor of Jonny Fritz. –Seth Riddle

Jonny Corndawg passing away was real sad. RIP CORNDAWG. –Brandon Jazz

Umbrella Tree was sad but they did great.  When JEFF broke up onstage with that knife fight, that was scary. So much death. –Jeremy Ferguson

The Black Keys. –Ben Swank

Was sad that The Meat Inspectors broke up. Denim Heart, good riddance! –Chris Crofton

I heard the Doctor breakup was pretty dramatic, pressin' charges 'n' shit. Grimy group of dudes. –Adam Moult

Totally Snake. –Todd Sherwood

I wasn't paying attention. –Caitlin Rose

Best music story of the year?

You mean aside from the Uncle Skeleton, Nahnee Bori and Roy Ira releases? I'd probably say the debut of The High Watt and the snazzy website for those Cannery Row venues. –Michael Eades

High Watt opened up after Brandon Jazz and Matt Friction cleaned out the attic at Mercy Lounge/Cannery Ballroom. –Jason Huber

Locally the revitalization of Lightning 100, hands down. Supporting tons more local artists and having fun all the way. Runner-up event definitely Brandon Jazz opening for B-52's, a coup. –Mike Grimes  

Expansion of Grimey's! – Doyle Davis

I don't know which brave offense to the tyranny of gendered authoritarianism pleases me more: Laura Jane Grace's (singer of Against Me!) public transition from male to female or Pussy Riot's arrest for hooliganism. –Tiffany Minton

With Your Friends Fest. –Andrew Mischke

When Juliette Barnes got caught stealing nail polish from Kroger. –Tristen

Serpents & Snakes and Readymade Records — the comeback of quality, benevolent indie labels. –Marcus & ColvinAll aspiring musicians in Nashville, Tenn., decide to become aspiring magicians. Nashville will henceforth be known as "Magic City, USA," and the road that has served as the very heart of the city's industry for well over 50 years will be renamed "Magic Row." –Caitlin Rose

I heard Snow Patrol got eaten by a "monster." Turned out to be bullshit. –Chris Crofton

Reeves Gabrels, East Nashville guitar slayer and Family Wash regular, becoming a full-fledged member of The Cure. –Seth Riddle

JEFF's takeover of late-night television. –William Tyler

Jake's [JEFF the Brotherhood] dress on Letterman. –Courtney Jaye

The recovery of Speedy West's long-lost Bigsby steel guitar (the first pedal steel in country music) for the Country Music Hall of Fame's Bakersfield Sound exhibit. –Chris Scruggs

Watching The 5 Spot on ABC's Nashville. –Todd Sherwood

Watching the growth of East Nashville Underground from a righteous-but-humble House Party to the full-blown Monster Party that it has become. Look out for big things from those kids in the future. –Brandon Jazz

From what I remember, falling down onstage at The High Watt. In front of my mom. –Coco Hames

Wayne Coyne's hand grenade. –Jesse Baker

Probably something by Adam Gold. Did he do the one about putting cute vests and mustaches on your instruments to make them cooler-looking? –Jeremy Ferguson

What trend would you like to see left behind in 2013?

Haters hating on the Internet/Twitter. –Doyle Davis

Internet trolling. They should all suck a dick and die. –Jordan Kelley

"Gangnam Style." It's just silly ... downright silly! –Jason Huber

No more bummer days. Good times forever. –Ben Todd

Two-piece bands. If Dan and Jack have expanded their lineups, so can you. (JEFF the Brotherhood being the exception.) –Mike Grimes  

Everyone in Nashville who thinks they're remotely involved in the music business asking to be on the guest list — even when the show is free. –Andrew Mischke

Skrillex? Is a word? And the trend that should grow is flurping. If you need to ask then you can't flurp! –Coco Hames

Can we be done with dubstep now, please? –Tiffany Minton

Dubstep. –Marcus & Colvin

Nashville as a hub for dubstep, yikes. –Jesse Baker

Anything to do with dubstep. –Seth Riddle

Old-timey beards. Dust bowl refugees could not afford Imogene + Willie. –Tristen

Shitty shows. We have a lot of shows in Nashville put together just to make a quick buck instead of focusing on the quality of the show. I would like to see Nashville make a stand to put together more quality shows to get the word out that Nashville is not some B market, but that we have talent rivaling that of any major market or city. –Ducko Mcfli

Springwater not listing their shows anywhere except the print edition and rotating banner ad on the Cream. –Michael Eades

DMT. –Chris Cobb

Everything that I don't like about the '90s. –Caitlin Rose

Releasing CDs. I'm just completely over them as anything but disposable information or giving them as gifts to people without record players. –Jeremy Ferguson

I'm still seeing a lot of "indie" ukulele players ... –Chris Scruggs

It's 2012, guys. Can we stop tuning our guitars onstage? If you've gotta tune between songs, just mute the damn thing already. –Brandon Jazz

Fedoras. Forever. –Courtney Jaye

Bad sound guys. –Todd Sherwood

Beach pizza garage crap like Wavves. Enough. Corny. –Adam Moult

Musicians talking about food. –Chris Crofton

Paul Ryan. –William Tyler

Safe core. –Ben Swank

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