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Tennessee State Fair

When: Sept. 9-18 2011

We’ll tell you what — we don’t need a super-majority vote in Metro Council to know that the State Fair rules. Regardless of which side of the political divide you fall on, there’s no disputing the awesomeness of mainlining powdered sugar, spinning in circles and possibly ralphing all over some kid’s brand-new oversized teddy bear. Who doesn’t love to barf their way into a sugar coma? Plus, while your waistband is slowly (quickly?) expanding, you can peruse the agricultural and artistic accomplishments of your fellow Tennesseans, catch a little of the ol’ demolition derby, and listen to motherflippin’ Georgia Satellites, a band we love so much the judge needed to issue a restraining order saying, “Keep your hands to yourself.” (Hey-o!) But seriously folks, while the fairgrounds turned into some weird political battleground, the fair itself is still a helluva lot of fun and should be cherished — they’ve got a demolition derby, fer cryin’ out loud!

Sean L. Maloney

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