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Teen Wolf w/Rod Daniel at The Belcourt

Fur Ball


If you were the guy who'd directed the greatest adolescent-lycanthrope movie of the Reagan Administration years, would you sit around sipping your latte in anonymity at the Cool Springs Starbucks? Hell no! You'd do what Williamson County resident Rod Daniel is doing: introducing his hirsute magnum opus this morning at a special Belcourt screening. No word whether Nashville native Daniel--who made his bones directing shows such as WKRP in Cincinnati, Magnum, Filthy Rich and Newhart before moving on to the big screen--will appear at The Belcourt's midnight showings Friday and Saturday. But it's not like anyone needs more enticement to relive those high-school memories of slam-dunkin', van-surfin' Michael J. Fox rolled in Cousin Itt's barbershop trimmings.
Sat., July 18, midnight; Sat., July 18, 11:30 & midnight, 2009

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