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Teen sex-act comedy The To Do List a scattershot mix of farce and filth

The 400 Blows



The raunch quotient is definitely cranked up to 11 in The To Do List, a movie which uses more jizz for comic effect than any film I've seen that didn't star Ron Jeremy. Set in Boise, Idaho, circa 1993, the movie stars Aubrey Plaza, the sarcastic siren from Parks & Recreation, as a studious, virginal high-school graduate who draws up a checklist of sexual acts to perfect before giving herself to the town's usually shirtless stud (Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter). Andy Samberg, Donald Glover and Christopher Mintz-Plasse — yes, McLovin gets some too! — are just a few of the lucky gents the heroine tries out her moves on over the course of one crazy summer.

Writer-director Maggie Carey spends most of her debut feature proving she can hang with the Hangovers when it comes to doling out R-rated laughs, occasionally achieving an amusing balance of farce and filth. Like so many teen-sex comedies dating back to the Age of Porky's, however, that's all it has going for it. Plaza has the most fleshed-out character in the whole thing, but everyone else struggles to make their characters less two-dimensional: The person who does most with the little he has is Bill Hader (aka Carey's husband), delivering a more assholish version of the slacker lifeguard/reluctant mentor Sam Rockwell plays to perfection currently in The Way, Way Back. Carey shows off an impressively dirty mind in The To Do List, but sometimes the sight of a girl doing an awkward spit-take after blowing a dude just isn't enough.



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