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Tears, ripped shirts, distant lovers, Tinder swipes and gun duels: four tales from the outskirts of desire

Love Is Weird


As the popular 20th century philosopher William Martin "Billy" Joel once sang, "Darling, I don't know why I go to extremes." Right? Call us jokers, call us fools — when love comes to town, we have a way of swooning clumsily, lusting awkwardly and falling on our faces generally. Or sweating the etiquette of smartphone dating. Or ripping off our shirts as a bad sad song plays. Or getting into a gun duel — hey, the heart wants wrong things sometimes! All of which to say that through the strange highs and strange lows, love has a tendency to make things weird. So here's to all those times crush turned to cringe and love left us midair with an anvil made of crazy shackled to our leg. It's a love story, baby, just say yeeesh.

Crazy in Love
Love Me Tinder
Magic Man

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