System Fucker w/Pissbath & Aspects of War

When: Wed., March 12, 7 p.m. 2014

I see a lot of band names. Like, an immense number of band names. They’re in my instant messages, in my mailbox, in my text messages. Band names are in my Twitter feed and on my Facebook page. And on some particularly terrifying nights, band names are in my dreams. Most of them are forgettable, and many are just plain bad. But System Fucker? That is a great name, especially for a Japanese crust-punk band that could give Takashi Miike a run for his money in the “all-out sensory assault” category. System Fucker (I love typing that!) is joined by local band-name champs Pissbath, as well as Boston’s Aspects of War, and like, eight others bands (with varying levels of naming success) for an evening of polite discussion about current events. Ha ha, just kidding — tonight’s gonna get thrashy as fuck.

Sean L. Maloney


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