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Summer Squared: Summer Guide 2010


OK, let's just say it up front: The irony of putting out a swimsuit issue just weeks after a catastrophic flood isn't lost on us. On the other hand, it says a lot about the way Nashville has risen to the occasion. Hit us with a wall of water, and we don't whine, we don't wail, we don't loot each other's houses. What do we do? We swim — and we start getting our neighbors to shore. Two things that go great together.

Hey — now there's an idea! In our annual Summer Guide, we show how to multiply your summer fun by taking one cool, unique local activity — be it softball, a drive-in movie, or something we've had a lot of practice with lately, canoeing — and pairing it with another summer delight, from watching the sun rise over Love Circle to downing a malt at Bobbie's Dairy Dip. And what goes well with that? Photos of some of Music City's beautiful people, enjoying that welcome sun.

Ready to start squaring your summer? Put down your pencils — and begin.


Summer Guide
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Summer Squared: Summer Guide 2010

Dinner + Movie

Farmers' Market + Hiking

Hot Dogs + Ice Cream

Picnic + Shakespeare

Softball + Bobbie's Dairy Dip

Kayaking + Dog Parks

Sun Rise + Yard Sale

H2O + Summer Drinks

Pool + Barbecue

Sounds Game + Patios

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