StudioVU: Leighton Pierce

When: Wed., Oct. 23, 7-8:30 p.m. 2013

“In the simplest terms, a film or a video can be considered to be a meaningful experience in time.” That’s Leighton Pierce, the experimental filmmaker who’ll be at Vanderbilt tonight to screen his latest film as part of the university’s excellent StudioVU lecture series, in a Q&A on his website. He’s speaking to an interviewer about his work, which is deceptively complicated but as easy to appreciate as a classical melody or the view of a landscape from an airplane. In much the same way that Impressionist painters saw the possibility of capturing a mood instead of a carbon copy, Pierce makes films that utilize the potential of video to document events unfolding in time, not to tell a direct narrative but to evoke emotion in his audience. If that sounds complex or overly cerebral, it’s the fault of the critic trying to explain away work that needs to be experienced to be understood. Remedy that at Pierce’s lecture, called “Carving a Ball of Sound with an Image Chisel,” which will be accompanied by a screening of the newly completed film “White Ash.”

Laura Hutson



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