Strange Feelings Analog Disco Spectacular

When: Fri., May 18, 9 p.m. 2012

You know what we feel strange about? The arena-fication of dance music. Sure, it’s kind of vindicating to see America get on board the boogie train, but the prevalence of corporate-sponsored, laptop-driven, laser-saturated dog and pony shows have replaced the dingy, dark dance underground we knew and loved, and it’s losing its luster. Shit, it’s downright annoying just how big things have gotten. If we see one more burger conglomerate with dubstep in their ads we’re going to choke the shit out of the next glow-stick-bedecked goon we see. Luckily, DJs Gerl Mandela and Grey People are bringing it all back home with an evening of all-vinyl, all-analog classic dance tracks spun on two turntables — the way God intended. And we can’t think of a better team to pull it off: These guys have an amazing collection of classic disco hits, Italo obscurities and pre-acid house music.

Sean L. Maloney

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