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Straight to the Heart: The Nashville Scene's Valentine's Day Revival Package


We now interrupt your regularly scheduled dosage of doom, gloom and forecast despair with a note of hope. We have seen your Valentine's Day, Nashville, and it's a beauty. Handsome men, gorgeous women, great food, good feelings—the crystal ball is cloudy in some areas, but on this point it is absolutely clear: The heart of romance is beating harder than ever, maybe 'cause love don't cost a thing.

To keep that pulse strong, we shoot the juice to the ol' heart paddles with tips, strategies and suggestions for getting the most out of this Valentine's Day. We've got instructions on wowing your crush with the perfect love letter, creating a mix tape that'll set the right mood, and wooing the object of your desire with sinful concoctions that'll put stimulus in anyone's package. To string Cupid's arrow, just turn the page.

Here's your smokin hot love letter - just fill in the blanks
Creating the perfect Valentine's mix tape
Mood-setting mix-tape essentials
From sweet and creamy to hot and steamy, theres a cocoa for every relationship
Local Valentine's Specials
Dont imitate the romantic gestures you see in movies
How to tell a secret admirer from a stalker

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