Shannon Clark: Combat

When: Oct. 5-Nov. 1 2012

In his artist’s statement, Shannon Clark describes the exhibit that’s opening today at Lipscomb: “With this body of work I have created a photographic typology of war-oriented and readily available fireworks.” Sounds simple, right? It is. But it’s also a way to dig into the cultural desensitization of combat that’s a byproduct of more than a decade at war. Photographs of firecrackers shaped like grenades or tanks with bright red missiles strapped to their backs are presented against plain white backgrounds, and they could just as easily be on display in a Kmart bargain bin as they could in the middle of a battleground in the Middle East. That seems to be precisely the point. Stories like War Games and Ender’s Game put children’s games at the forefront of imaginary wars, but the truth is much more insidious, and as Clark puts it, “our age reveals itself in the things we create.”

Laura Hutson


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