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Sara Watkins

Girl Uninterrupted


If ever there was a perfect opposite to the dried-up, gravel-throated hobo that Tom Waits conjures during “Pony,” it’s Sara Watkins. She takes up the same lyrics, same melody and everything, and yet she sounds wistful for the road ahead. Trying her hand at Waits’ catalog (and Jimmie Rodgers’ and John Hartford’s, too) is just one of the things Watkins gets to do since she’s struck out on her own and slapped her name—and only her name—on a John Paul Jones-produced album this year, apart from Nickel Creek (still in hibernation) and other more laid-back West Coast collaborations. It’s no surprise that she’d eventually step out front—considering that she’s sung lead here and there and she dipped a toe into solo songwriting on Nickel Creek’s last album—and it’s definitely a good thing. She’s got an ear for strong material and a pleasingly uncluttered approach.
Tue., Oct. 27, 8 p.m., 2009

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