Red Dawn

When: Nov. 23-24 2012

For someone who’s lived more years after the fall of the Berlin Wall than before, it’s easy to forget just how frightening the Soviet Union really was. As the Cold War drew to a close, director John Milius brought the big, red bogeyman back for another round in this dark, melodramatic action adventure, in which Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey and other rising Brat Pack all-stars defend their Midwestern town, and the rest of the free world, from a joint force of Soviet, Cuban and Nicaraguan Reds bent on total world domination. The remake, which opens in theaters this weekend, features a strong cast, but North Korea as the invading menace is a harder sale: Today, mentioning that nation is more likely to conjure the Kim Jong-Il marionette from Team America: World Police than the shudders and frowns once elicited by the letters USSR. And if you don’t live to holler “Wolverines!” at 1 a.m. in solidarity, The Belcourt brings back by popular demand midnight shows of the hilarious rockers-vs.-ninjas cult phenomenon Miami Connection.

Stephen Trageser


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