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Photography Issue 2011


Judges’ & Readers’ Choice Winner: Stephanie Saujon Baltz: “Baby Bowie”

“I take more photos than any human should,” says Stephanie Saujon Baltz, who’s been doing so for as long as she can remember and professionally for about four years. “I have file cabinets of negatives and external hard drives full of tens of thousands of images.” She needed just one to take our judges’ prize.

One day at Saujon Baltz’s studio, model Lux-O-Matic, a dancer with Music City Burlesque, mentioned the website Vinyl Sleeve Heads, which features people posing with album covers and creatively filling out the space beyond the frame. The two started digging through Saujon Baltz’s collection — she has a lot of records, too — to find a photogenic sleeve. Thinking that Bowie’s Space Oddity was a good match for one of Lux’s stage costumes, they started snapping photos. It wasn’t until afterward that they thought about the serendipity of the choice.

"We realized Space Oddity was perfect,” Saujon Baltz says, “because Lux thinks being pregnant is like having an alien experience." In this case, a close encounter that inspired quite a reaction from ground control.

Stephanie Saujon Baltz
“Baby Bowie”

Alan Wieme
Gilligan’s in Murfreesboro
Jamie Goodsell
Jolan Farkas
“Radar Love,” Natchez Trace Parkway

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