Ole Mossy Face w/Hammertorch & The Suicide Hearts

When: Thu., July 29, 9 p.m. 2010

Four years ago, Hammertorch were, in one less-than-humble journalist’s opinion, a booze-addled, ramshackle muck of Southern mulletcore — the aural equivalent to a pint of SoCo having spent a whole summer day in a car outside the MTSU Mass Comm building. Four years have gone by, and you can now find that pint chilled and chased with ice cold Keystone Light for a much more palatable combo … and a metaphor that really no longer makes sense. What makes more sense is the promise of a hazy, still-booze-friendly homage to the rhinestone legends of yesteryear, blended with a classic pop cordial and topped of with the fizzy, faint aftertaste of rock ’n’ roll Red Bull. You’ll find them lining up these shooters alongside psychedelic Americanans Ole Mossy Face — who seldom play out these days, unfortunately — and barely Google-able Suicide Hearts.

Seth Graves

Price: $5

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