New Works by Joshua Bronaugh

When: Sept. 8-Oct. 6 2012

You can pick up quite a bit about painter Joshua Bronaugh by visiting the artist’s website. LeQuire Gallery has been showing the painter since 2007, but Bronaugh is still an artist in flux, and that’s a good thing. A 2009-10 gallery at his site shows the artist painting nudes in a textured, impressionistic style — his figures on the verge of breaking into abstract patterns, nearly resulting in the kind of compositions one might find in certain graphic design applications. If that sounds tentative and transitional, it’s telling that one year later, the artist’s 2011-12 gallery of images finds him employing a much tighter technique while opening up his subject matter to include everything from planetscapes to airplanes to flooded homes. My favorite painting features a voluptuous nude stretching out in a lapping tide. She raises herself on her hands as she turns away from the viewer, and the whole thing comes off like some erotic recharging of “Christina’s World.” T

Joe Nolan


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