New Work by Duy Huynh

When: Fridays-Sundays. Continues through Nov. 21 2010

In Duy Huynh’s painting “Transfer of Grace,” a girl floats above a pedestal, her toes pointed downward, her skirt at once resembling a crumpled rose and something fleshier — a cross-cut bundle of muscle fibers, or some kind of blood-carrying sinew. She might be a dancer, mid-jump. Or maybe she’s floating: Do those birds suspend her in the air by those loosely curling strings? (They’re oddly reminiscent of the birds that struggle to lift Twitter’s “Fail Whale,” if that means anything to you.) Two translucent wings sprout from the girl’s back, but seem motionless. Is she just beginning her ascent, or about to land? Or is the whole tableau imagined? The insinuation of magic gives the scene a dramatic tension that belies the simple, illustration-like presentation. This exhibit of new work will also be part of Art East, the East Nashville art crawl today.

Steve Haruch



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