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Nashville Scene's 2010 Best of Nashville


If the past five months have taught us anything, it's that in Nashville, life is sweet.

OK, the city's got its little ups and downs. Certainly none of us predicted that when a thousand-year flood finally struck Music City, this would be Year 1000. But in the months since, we've watched the city rebuild, rebound and towel off with a determination that left the rest of the nation speechless. (At least that's how we choose to interpret the mass-media silence.) That spirit has only left us loving the city and its treasures more.

In the Scene's 21st annual Best of Nashville® issue, we again celebrate the sweetest things our hometown has to offer. The people who carve the city a distinct identity, when there's so much pressure to consolidate and copy. The foods, goods and services we can't get anywhere else. The artists, writers and musicians who give us our voice. This year, though, they seem all the more precious. We know how close we came to losing them, and what it took to save them.

And that sounds like a good reason to throw a party. So bust open the M&Ms. Break out the Twizzlers. Lick the icing off that cupcake, and be careful not to get a fro-yo brain freeze. From here on, sour is out in 2010. Turn the page — and let the sugar rush begin.

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