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Midnight Movie: Miami Connection

When: Nov. 9-10, 11:59 p.m. 2012

The birth of a genuine cult movie, spawned from the primordial ooze of discount VHS or 20th generation bootleg, is a grand and glorious thing. You thought The Room was all that and a sackful of plastic spoons? Brace yourself for the newest rediscovered gut-buster to captivate audiences across the country. Grim, edgy realism carries the day in this 1987 junk marvel as an army of drug-dealing, head-chopping motor-psycho ninjas meets its match — the hard-bopping bros in synth-pop band Dragon Sound, who obliterate the bad guys with roundhouse kicks, flying fists, mall-salon perms, and the monster beat of their biggest hit (fortuitously titled “Against the Ninja”). Starring and directed by Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, who holds a ninth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do (and evidently a red belt in awesomeness), it was rescued from oblivion by the public servants at Austin’s Drafthouse Films, the distribution arm of the beloved Alamo Drafthouse, who reportedly bought the 35mm print off eBay for $50. To see how well that money was spent, go to the Scene’s Country Life blog to see the trailer that’s had Belcourt audiences rolling in the aisles for weeks.

Jim Ridley

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