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Middle of Nowhere at Ernest Tubb's Texas Troubadour Theater

Gone Country


Bill Bauer hails from the state of New York. A songwriter with a background in the indie scene and live theater, he is the sole creator — book, music and lyrics — of this original musical that aims to capture the modern-day plight of the farm family and rural folks in general. His characters go to war, deal with encroaching “progress” and suffer personal travail while standing up for their cherished lifestyle, including even dealing with the reality of the crystal meth labs that spring up in their midst. Bauer’s score features 23 songs, ranging from country ballads to rock to techno to show tunes, in what the author calls “a daring piece.” The direction and choreography are by Barry and Dari Anne Amato, and the local cast of 17 is led by experienced singers Sunny Fitz and Dan Sadler. Bauer’s show is guaranteed at least a two-week run, though the author is looking toward a much longer gig. A website,, offers song samples, an overview of the story and links to tickets.
Fridays, Saturdays, 2010

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