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Meet the Jensens


Since so many critics dubbed local electro duo Jensen Sportag’s self-titled debut “post-techno,” we’re gonna use a little artistic license and dub their new Sergio EP “post-spaz.” More Sadé than Squarepusher, the Sergio EP sees the pair move beyond hyper-glitch futurism into more spaced-out Francophile funk, like dancing the Latin Hustle on the edge of a black hole. The titular track, “Power Sergio,” conjures the vibes of early ’80s R&B—when folks like Nile Rodgers and Babyface were shifting away from the oversaturated disco sound and easing into the synth-funk that would dominate the decade—but JS do it without the wink-and-a-nudge irony/nostalgia that ruins so many of their contemporaries. The strength of Sportag’s songwriting shows through in “Reckless93PWRMXXX,” a cascading tune akin to a tumble down Lookout Mountain with a belly full of Ecstasy, “2x2”and stellar remixes of “Power Sergio” from Justin Kase and Make Up & Vanity Set.
Fri., Nov. 28, 10 p.m., 2008

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