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Me, My Cat and My House Artist Talk at gallery F



Featuring a variety of captivating works by five artists with mental disabilities, Me, My Cat and My House not only offers a visually intriguing experience, but also challenges the very notion of “outsider art.” Originally intended as an English equivalent for the French term art brut—which translates to “raw art” or “rough art”—the term aims to pigeonhole art created by either people who (a) have mental or emotional disabilities, or (b) have no formal art training. Yet “outsider” implies an “us and them” dichotomy that at worst seems condescending and at best seems more naive than the art it seeks to describe. As these works by Bill Guion, Lisa Manus, Paul Miktarian, Mike Rewis and Tracy L. Martin demonstrate, the term “real art” might be more fitting—their works reflect a visceral emotional connection and a joyous fascination with life's simple truths, something that eludes many artists with far more training and greater intellect. This artist talk will feature several of the exhibiting artists along with artist and art historian Ron Anderson and artist/teacher/mentor Merritt Ireland, as well as performances by Art Brut musicians Mr. Ship, Lisa Manus and Susan Jasper.
Tuesdays-Sundays. Starts: July 11. Continues through Oct. 10, 2009

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