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Luke Dick at 12th & Porter



With massed guitars and a singer with a Tom Petty voiceprint, Luke Dick's new full-length My Blood telegraphs the psychodrama a touch more than is absolutely necessary, but Dick writes powerful songs that don't shy away from the big issues. The Oklahoma native sings in a scratchy voice that rides easily over Kenny Greenberg's precise, spacious production. A song like "Don't Matter to Me" may be a banal listening-to-the-radio exercise, but the track itself is compelling right down its superb guitar solo. Dick operates in a zone of indecision and fatalism—his tales of young lust and fundamentalist religion read like the real thing. "Walk On" is a funky little number about the impossibility of resisting a woman's charms, and he sounds authentic describing the inside of the Cleveland County jail. Dick is less convincing as a conventional Nashville tunesmith, and that's an encouraging sign.
Tue., Oct. 27, 7 p.m., 2009

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